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Rental Homes, Condos, Condotels, Cash Out Refi, 1031 Exchange, LLCs

Marsh Lending is about financing a property with as little money down as possible and driving growth and prosperity for clients. Backed by private equity funding, we’re able to offer customizable loan products and innovative financing solutions. Our loan products are especially valuable for clients that have unique funding needs or operate in industries not well-served by traditional banks.

No Income Qualifier Investment Loans

We specialize in financing short-term rentals, vacation homes and new build spec homes. We understand the risks and opportunities that are specific to these deals.

Our team of experienced professionals deliver exceptional service and support throughout the lending process. We are more nimble than traditional banks, processing applications and making decisions quickly. We are your partner for accessing capital to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Types of Real Estate Loans

  • Personal or LLC loans for residential or investment real estate
  • LLC loans for commercial real estate
  • Use the equity in your current mortgage via a cash out refinance loans
  • Loans for developers and builders
  • Loans for new construction, including lots
  • Loans for condos and condotels, including non-warrantable
  • Defer capital gains on your investment property via a 1031 exchange loan

Investment Mortgages

  • Loans qualified on the property rental income
  • No income / employment / tax docs
  • 20 – 25% down payment for loans up to $2 million
  • 30% down payment for loans over $2 million
  • Loans for experienced or first-time investors

New Construction Loans

An excellent alternative to a bank loan:

  • For Investment Homes and SPEC Homes
  • Lots – 25% down payment
  • Structure – 100% financed
  • Loan converted into Investment Loan

We offer many customizable options

There are no limits on the number of properties you own. Don’t lower your liquidity to do more projects by engaging in ‘All Cash’ real estate purchases. We are an industry leader in creative loans.

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